Iluminace: Journal for Film Theory, History, and Aesthetics

Iluminace is a publishing venue of the National Film Archive.


Iluminace is the only Czech double-blind peer-reviewed journal for scholarly reflection upon cinema which is approached from theoretical, historical and aesthetic perspectives. It emphasizes original research and interdisciplinary approaches and in recent years has focused on international authors and readers. Each issue contains a block of texts dedicated to a specific theme, as well as additional studies, unrelated to the main theme, interviews, reviews of scholarly literature, editions of archival materials, presentations of the collections of the NFA and topical research projects. Iluminace is accessible through the Scopus, EBSCO and ProQuest electronic databases.

The peer-reviewed journal Iluminace was founded in 1989 as a biannual journal for scholarly reflection upon cinema. It has been published on a quarterly basis since 1993, the fifth year of its existence, when both the extent and format were also enlarged. Over the time period of its publication, Iluminace has presented original theoretical and historical studies. Each issue contains translations of foreign-language texts documenting current trends in world film theory and criticism or paying off translation debts from older times. Iluminace dedicates extensive space to an edition of sources on cinema history as well as to interviews with significant figures in the field. A special section provides room for the presentation of current research projects, in particular dissertations. As with every academic journal, Iluminace includes reviews of Czech and foreign-language specialized literature and conferences in its issues. As of 2004, there has been a space dedicated to a mono-thematic block of texts in every issue. As of 2005, certain mono-thematic blocks have been prepared in cooperation with visiting editors.