Theme: Film and Neuroaesthetics

(Guest Editor: Tereza Hadravová)




Jan Hanzlík:

Careers of Script Supervisors. The Labor Market, Labor Process and Construction of Gender in the Czech Film and Television Industry


Theme articles


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Patricia Pistersová:

Illusionary Perception and Cinema. Experimental Thoughts on Film Theory and Neuroscience


Murray Smith:

"The Pit of Naturalism". Neuroscience and the Naturalized Aesthetics of Film


Adriano D' Aloia:

On Icarus' Wings. The Cinematic Experience of Falling Bodies




Tereza Hadravová:

Technology Will Not Solve Any Problems. Interview with Józsefem Fiser and Donald Katz




Ivan Klimeš:

Planeta Cinemateca. Print of Film Archivist
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Dossier of Foreign Responses


Ad Fontes


Kateřina Lachmanová:

Film Technical College in Čimelice (1950–1982)


Marcela Kalašová:

Film Group Praha (1929–1943)




Antonín Policar: Anatomy of Film Spectatorship (Torben Grodal, Embodied Visions.Evolution, Emotion, Culture, and Film)


Anna Batistová: Desire to Write a Biography (Jiří Horníček, Gustav Machatý. Touha dělat film.Osobnost režiséra na pozadí dějin kinematografie)

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Balázs Varga: Strengths, Limitations, Opportunities and Threats of New Research Agenda (Screen Industries in East-Central Europe Conference, Brno 2011)
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Bernd Herzogenrath: cinapses: thinking|film – Film, Philosophy and Neuroscience




Recent Acquisitions of the NFA Library


Contents of Volume XXII of Iluminace




Dossier on Vladimír Opěla


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