Theme: Genre Production in Socialist Cinemas
(Guest Editor: Jaromír Blažejovský)


Theme Articles


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Martin Kaňuch:

Laughter as a Weapon. Imagination in Satire and Slovak Film of the 1950s


Pavel Skopal:

On the Thin Ice of Co-productions. A Comparative Study of Generic Production at the Barrandov and DEFA Studios in the Mid-1960s – the Case of the Movie STRAŠNÁ ŽENA (1965)


Anna Batistová:

Fantasy-adventure or Utopian? "Sci-fi" in Czechoslovak Cinema Magazines of the 1960s


Radomír D. Kokeš:

Theorizing Genre Constitution and Fictional Worlds of Czech Sci-fi Comedies


Dejan Ognjanović:

In the Hills, the Horrors. Serbian Horror Film


Jaromír Blažejovský:

Borrowed Imagination. Tracing the Distribution of Genre Movies in Nationalized Film Industries
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Mircea Dan Duţă:

We Were Not Excited about Genre Film. Interview with Viorica Bucur
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Ad Fontes

Jarmila Hurtová:

The Cartel of Film Importers (1935–1938)




Lukáš Skupa:

Czech Cinema and Censorship 1962–1970. The Case of Barrandov Studio




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