Theme: Archeology of Media in Post-Media Era

(Guest Editor: Kateřina Svatoňová)




Michal Večeřa:

The Development of Film Production in the Czech Lands in the Late 1910s and Early 1920s. The Case of Praga-Film Company


Theme Articles




Bernhard Siegert:

Gaze as a Disruption of Image. Between Mimesis and Mimicry


Lauren Rabinovitz:

Temptations of Pleasure: Nickelodeons, Amusement Parks, and the Sights of Female Sexuality


Wanda Strauven:

The Observer's Dilemma: To Touch or Not to Touch


Lucie Česálková – Kateřina Svatoňová:

Between Painting and Deception. Im/material Images of Czech Modernity




Kateřina Krtilová:

History of Media and Media of History. Interview with Bernhard Siegert




Ivan Klimeš:

Film History from a Litter Bin
[full text (CZ)]


Ad Fontes


Tomáš Lachman: Ocean-Film, spol. s r. o. (1922–1950)




Jaromír Blažejovský:

The Color of Beer, Honey and Chilled Vodka (Petra Hanáková – Kevin B. Johnson (eds.), Visegrad Cinema. Points of Contact from the New Waves to the Present)
[full text (CZ)]


Zuzana Chlebová:

Béla Balázs – In Praise of Film Art (12th Czecho-Slovak Film Studies Conference 2009)
[full text (CZ)]




Pavel Skopal – Lars Karl:

Sovietisation and Planning in the Film Industries of Soviet Bloc countries. A Comparative Perspective on East Germany and Czechoslovakia, 1945–1960 (A Book Project)
[full text (CZ)]




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