Theme: Contemporary Thinking on Animated Cinema

(Guest Editor: Kateřina Surmanová)



Radomír D. Kokeš:

Fictional Worlds of (Crime) Television Series


Theme Articles




Paul Ward:

Some Thoughts on Theory–Practice Relationships in Animation Studies


Birgitta Hoseaová:

Performativity, Post-animation and How I Became a Cartoon Character


Martin Mazanec:

Animation of Film

[full text (CZ)]


Inés Jerrayová:

Animation Film: Figures and Hybridizations


Eliška Děcká:

An Animatrix Room of One's Own. Contemporary Czech Animation through the Eyes of the Women Who Make It




Kateřina Surmanová:

An Animated Film Is a Game-that-plays-itself. Interview with Giannalberto Bendazzi

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Ad Fontes


Jindřich Schwippel – Tomáš Lachman:

Organisace československého filmového herectva a zaměstnanců výroben/ Československá filmová unie (1920–1938)

[full text (CZ)]


The Story of Photography


Kateřina Surmanová:

Events and Meetings at the Festival of Animation Film 2007 and 2008




Stanislav Ulver:

Metric and Metaphoric Cinema (Martin Mazanec /ed./: Peter Kubelka)


Lucie Česálková:

Two Genealogies of Film Studies (Dana Polan: Screens of Instruction: The Beginning of U. S. Study of Film. Lee Grievson – Haidee Wasson /eds./: Inventing Film Studies)

Lucie Česálková:

Control, Effectiveness, Knowledge – On the Contexts of Industrial Film (Vinzenz Hediger – Patrick Vonderau /eds./: Films that Work. Industrial Film and the Productivity of Media)




Lukáš Gregor:

To Eternity and Further! An Analysis of Toy Story and the Poetics of Pixar Animation Studios




Recent Acquisition of the NFA Library


Contents of Volume XXI of Iluminace


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