Theme: History of Film Reception
(Guest editor: Pavel Skopal)




Ivan Klimeš:
Theatre and Cinema. Introduction to a Study by Jiří Hilmera


Jiří Hilmera:
Screenings in the Estates Theatre (1907–1918)


Theme Articles




Mark Jancovich:
Cultural Geographies of Film Consumption


Joseph Garncarz:
Germany Goes Global: Challenging the Theory of Hollywood's Dominance on International Markets


Peter Krämer:
The (Un)Timeliness of Satire: The Reception of the THE GREAT DICTATOR in West Germany, 1952–1973


Kevin Johnson:
Whose Heimat Is It? National Aesthetics and the Politics of Place in the Language Versions of JANA (1935/36)


Pavel Skopal:
Travelling round the World, or an Excursion to Krč? The Reception of Film Travelogues by Hanzelka and Zikmund during the 1950s


Lucie Česálková:
Multi-Purpose Cinema. Conceptions and Reflections of Cinema Cafés as a so-called Combined Type of Venture

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Pavel Skopal – Petr Szczepanik:
Towns, Cinemas and Viewers: On the History of Reception, Local Research and Multiplex Cinemas. An Interview with Mark Jancovich




Dušan Janák – Olga Buchtíková:
Urban and Film Sociology. Inocenc Arnošt Bláha and His Role in the Survey of Brno after Second World War


Olga Buchtíková:
Questionnaires Compiled by the Brno Sociological Research Team (1947)


Ad Fontes


Tomáš Lachman:
Sdružení kinomajitelů Biografia a.s. v Praze (/1919/ 1920–1930)


Tomáš Lachman:
Kinematografické družstvo v Praze s.r.o. (1917–1929)




Eva Strusková:
The Sound Document in Work Carried Out by the National Film Archive


Pavel Mücke:
Between Method and Field of Study. Oral History and Research on Contemporary History




Projekty Philippe Meers – Daniël Biltereyst – Lies Van de Vijver:
Lived Experiences of the "Enlightened City" (1925–1975). A Large Scale Oral History Project on Cinema-going in Flanders (Belgium)

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Petr Koura:
The Swing Youth and the Occupation Power in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia

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