Theme: Popular-scientific film as a genre between science and art

(Guest Editor: Veronika Klusáková)




Petr Málek:
Visconti and Proust


Theme Articles




Lisa Cartwright:
An Etiology of the Neurological Gaze


Alison Griffiths:
"A Moving Picture of the Heavens": Immersion in the Planetarium Space Show


Robert A. Rosenstone:


Lucie Česálková:
A Cinematograph from the Institute of Physics: The Czechoslovak Scientific Film Association, or the Popularisation of Science through the Cinema and the Cinema through Science




Veronika Klusáková:
The Historian in Film Serves as a Kind of Window Dressing. An Interview with Robert Rosenstone

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Lucie Česálková:
The Czechoslovak Scientific Film Association during the World War II and immediately after the War


Activity of the Czechoslovak Scientific Film Association during the Occupation


Pavel Skopal:
The Movies of the Ambassador. The Czechoslovak Film Audience and the American State Department (1945–1960)


The Correspondence between the American Embassy in Prague and the State Department


Ad Fontes


Marcela Kalašová:
Stella a. s. (La Tricolore) (1926–1955)


Marcela Kalašová:
Nationalfilm s. r. o. (1933–1954 /1964/)


Story of the Photography


Eva Strusková:
Polyecran on EXPO 1958 in Brussels




Patrik Vacek:
A Presage of the Evaluation. (Architectures of the Moving Image; 49. Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference)


Jaromír Blažejovský:
The Period of Creativeness. The DVD Edition of Slovak Cinema of the 70's




Pavla Janásková:
Licensed International Film Databases

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