Theme: Contemporary Czech Cinema

(Guest Editor: Tereza Dvořáková)




Anne Jäckel:
European Film Industries


Aleš Danielis:
Czech Film Distribution after 1989

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Jan Hanzlík – Karel Čada:
Technological Developments, American Blockbusters and the Indispensable Popcorn: The Construction of the Multiplex Cultural Experience in the Czech Daily Press

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Irena Kovářová:
Czech Films in North America


Martina Šantavá:
Acquisition of Audio-Visual Works on the Television Market in the Czech Republic and Their Journey to Viewers




Pavel Strnad:
The Post-1989 Transformation of Barrandov Studios. Introduction to the Set of Interviews


Martin Švoma:
I Wanted to Make a Rich and Beautiful Bride Out of Barrandov. An Interview with Václav Marhoul


Martin Švoma:
I Was the Chief Engineer of the "Putsch". An Interview with Václav Marhoul


Martin Švoma:
From the Outside, the Film Business Looks Like Real-Estate Business. An Interview with Radomír Dočekal


Martin Švoma:
Takeovers Like That Happen. An Interview with Miroslav Ondříček




Briana Čechová:
Simone Signoret - monstre sacré of French Cinema (Susan Hayward: Simone Signoret, the Star as Cultural Sign)


Milan Klepikov:
Thickening Mist around Sibylla: On the Czech Edition of Histoire(s) du cinéma (Jean-Luc Godard: Příběh/y/ filmu)


Miloš Fryš:
The Answer to Milan Klepikov


Milan Klepikov:
To the Answer of Miloš Fryš




Lucie Česálková:
The Beginning of Institutionalisation of School Film in Czechoslovakia (1919–1936)

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Jindřiška Bláhová:
A Tough Job for Donald Duck: Czechoslovakia and Hollywood 1945–1969

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