Theme: Film Spectator and His or Her (Aesthetic) Experience

(Guest Editor: Vlastimil Zuska)


Theme Articles


Alex Neill:
Empathy and (Film) Fiction


David Bordwell:
Convention, Construction, and Cinematic Vision


Judith Mayneová:
Paradoxes of Spectatorship


Vlastimil Zuska:
The Side Participation of (Film) Viewer


Lucie Česálková:
A Simulator of Modern Perceptual Experience: The Mirror Maze on Petřín


Further Articles


Marie Mravcová:
Two Stories with a "Blowup". Cortázar's Short Story as the Literary Impulse for Antonioni's Film




Petr Szczepanik:
The Stories for the Eyes, Emotions, and Muscles. An Interview with Torben Grodal

[full text (CZ)]


Vlastimil Zuska:
A Commentary on the Interview




Tereza Hadravová:
On the Filmbeings, Filminds, and Other Filmonsters (Daniel Frampton: Filmosophy)


Peter Michalovič:
Feelings, Touches, and Shapes (L. Vachtová – P. Bregantová: Teď. Práce Evy Kmentové)




Ondřej Dadejík:
A Critique of the Concept of Aesthetic Experience in the 2nd Half of the 20 Century (with Preliminary Note on the Relation between Aesthetics and Film Studies)

[full text (CZ)]


Marika Kupková:
Socialist Realism in Discoursive Frameworks of Czech Cinema of 1940s and 1950s

[full text (CZ)]




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