Main Topic: Screen Industries in East-Central Europe



Václav Macek:

Karel Pečený vs. Pavol Čambala. Two Years of Cooperation Between Aktualita and Nástup (1938–1940)

Theme Articles


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Balázs Varga:

Take the Money and…? Questions of Self-governance in the Hungarian Film Industry

Marcin Adamczak:

Polish Cinema after 1989. A Quest for Visibility and a Voice in the Market

Anna Misiak:

The Polish Film Industry under Communist Control. Conceptions and Misconceptions of Censorship

Beata Hock:

Coming into Age/ncy. Women in Filmmaking — The Hungarian Case

Film Industry Voices

Pevel Berčík:

Measure for Measure. The Beginnings of Minority Coproduction in the Czech Republic

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Ad fontes

Jarmila Petrová:

Artur Heller-Film 1936–1941 (1946)


Martin Franc:

A Very Good Standard (Pavel Skopal /ed./, Naplánovaná kinematografie. Český filmový průmysl 1945 až 1960)

Tereza Hadravová:

Why Question Cinema as Art Today (Berys Gaut, A Philosophy of Cinematic Art)

Jan Hanzlík:

Bridging the Gaps (Screen Industries in East-Central Europe Conference, Brno 2012)

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Alena Otmarová:

The Impact of Polymer Layer and the Conditions of Deposition on the Stability of Color Films


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