Theme: Film marketing

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Jakub Jiřiště

A Delayed Awakening: A Literary-Drama Broadcasting of Czechoslovak Television Prague in the Period of Consolidation


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Václav Stříteský – Jan Hanzlík – Miroslav Karlíček
Czech Movie-Goers from the Perspective of Film Marketing


Kateřina Šafaříková – Jan Hanzlík
The Development of Czech Film Poster over the Years 1990–2012


Talia Leibovitz
Crowdfunding Audiovisual Productions in Spain: The Case of Verkami




 Jan Hanzlík
Identifying the Core Audience is the Most Important.

An Interview with Finola Kerrigan

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Film Industry Voices


Aleš Danielis
The World of Film without Perforation. Threats and Opportunities of Digital Film Distribution

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Marta Lamperová
Video on Demand: We Are at the Stage of Experimentation

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NFA's 70th Anniversary


Tereza Frodlová
I Consider Intervening in the Structure of a Film Unthinkable.

An Interview with Blažena Urgošíková


Ad Fontes


Lucie Tichá
Kinema, Cinematographic and Projection Company s r. o. (1913–1954)


Tomáš Hála – Eva Strusková
A Collection of NFA's Audio and Audiovisual Documents




Jakub Korda
When Television Marks Its Space (Catherine Johnson, Branding Television)

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Fernando Ramos Arenas
Writing History through Places, Making Theory through Cases: On the New Cinema History (Richard Maltby – Daniel Biltereyst – Philippe Meers /eds./, Explorations in New Cinema History. Approaches and Case Studies)


Šárka Gmiterková
Debates about Bodies, Voices and Aging (Revisiting the Star Studies Conference, Newcastle, 12 –14 June 2013)




Jan Trnka

The Processes of Script Writing and Script Development in Czech Cinema.

The Screenwriting Practice of Josef Neuberg, 1920–1963

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Recent Acquisitions of the NFA Library


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