Theme: Screen Industries in East-Central Europe II: Cultural Policies and Political Culture




Jan Bernard
"The Case". The Context of the Release of The Party and the Guests


Theme Articles



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Francesco Di Chiara
Looking for New Aesthetic Models through Italian-Yugoslavian Film Co-Productions: Lowbrow Neorealism in Sand, Love and Salt

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Stefano Pisu
The USSR and East-Central European Countries at the Venice International Film Festival (1946–1953)

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Thomas Beutelschmidt
A Wonderful Friendship? Relations between Film and Television Production in the GDR

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Petr Szczepanik

How Many Steps to the Shooting Script? A Political History of Screenwriting

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Petr Szczepanik

On the Ethnography of Media Production. An Interview with Georgina Born

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Film Industry Voices


Přemysl Martinek

How to Measure the Distribution

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NFA's 70th Anniversary


Lucie Česálková
Recono. Impregnates – Regenerates


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Lucie Hurtová
Association Film Studio (1921) 1936–1940 (1943)


Briana Čechová
Julien Duvivier – An Updated View



Matěj Strnad
They Frame Films Again (Julia Noordegraaf – Cosetta G. Saba – Barbara Le Maître – Vinzenz Hediger /eds./, Preserving and Exhibiting Media Art)


Michal Kříž
The Journeys of Don Quixote through the Epopee of Representation (Veronika Veberová – Petr A. Bílek – Vladimír Papoušek – David Skalický /eds./, Jazyky reprezentace)




Michal Večeřa
The Infrastructure of Film Production in the Czech Lands before 1945



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