Theme: Technique and Technology in the History of Media




Lukáš Skupa:

The Gottwaldov Film Studio as an Alternative Model of Production and Aesthetic Practice


Theme Articles




Wolfgang König:

Telegraphy, Telephony, Wireless. Communication and Technology in the 19th Century


John Belton:

Digital Cinema: A False Revolution


Alberto Friedemann:

Cinematographic Technology and Patents. Notes for Critical Analysis


Silvio Alovisio:

Italian Magazines from the Era of Silent Film: A Source for Technological Research?


Anna Batistová:

Meopton IIIa: The Way to the Czechoslovak Wide-Screen Projector


Karel Čada – Jan Hanzlík:

„"As Griffith Said, You Can't Stop Progress..." Czech Projectionists Reflect on the Changes in Projection Technology

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Anna Batistová:

What Went before and after the Finished Film. An Interview with Alberto Friedemann


Ad Fontes


Tomáš Lachman:

Slaviafilm, a. s. (1921–1955)


Matěj Kotalík:

Václav Pštross (1887–1932 /1946/)




Anna Batistová:

History from the Pages of Magazines (Michele Canosa – Giulia Carluccio – Federica Villa /eds./: Cinema muto italiano: Tecnica e tecnologia. Vol. 1.: Discorsi, precetti, documenti. Vol. 2.: Brevetti, macchine, mestieri)

Patrik Vacek:

Media Education as a Research Theme (National Media Education Conference / World Media Education Research Summit 2007)




Kevin Johnson:

Annexation Effects: Cultural Appropriation and the Politics of Place in Czech-German Films, 1930–1945

[full text (CZ)]


Alice Lovejoy:

Cinema by the state, Cinema for the state: Czechoslovak Army Film, 1945–1992

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