Theme: Beyond "Malé, ale naše": Czech And Slovak Cinemas as Transnational Cinemas

(Guest Editor: Petra Hanáková)




Alena Šlingerová

Masters and Workers of National Culture. The Image of the Artist in Czech Feature Films in the Years After February 1948


Themes Articles



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Ivan Klimeš

National Cinema in a Transnational Context. A Central European Experience


Kevin Johnson

Central European Accents. The Homelessness of Gustav Machatý and Karel Lamač


Jonathan Owen

Alain Robbe-Grillet in Slovakia. Transnational Encounters and the Art of the Co-Production

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Jana Dudková

Between the Center and the Margin. The Notion of Central Europe in Slovak Cinema after 1989



Andrea Průchová
Why Look Around Today? An Interview with Marita Sturken


Film Industry Voices

Petr Bilík
A New Era of Dramaturgy in Czech Cinema? The Second Year of the Film Center of Czech Television. An Interview with Jaroslav Sedláček 

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NFA's 70th Anniversary


Jan Trnka
An Overview of the Institutional Development and Terms of Office of Film Archive Managers from 1943 to 2013


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Petr Hasan
Bavaria Filmkunst GmbH (Prague office) 1938–1958


Jiří Horníček
Emil Kubiš (30. October 1924 – 16. June 2007)




Jaromír Blažejovský
Catholic Specifics as a Basis for a Reinterpretation
(Eva Vženteková, Diptych Štefana Uhra — Organ a Tri dcéry)


Jan Švelch
On the Ephemerality of the Audiovisual Media and Paratexts (Paul Grainge /ed./, Ephemeral Media: Transitory Screen Culture from Television to YouTube)

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Petr Mareš
Looking for a Textuality of Film (John A. Bateman – Matthis Kepser – Markus Kuhn /eds./, Film, Text, Kultur. Beiträge zur Textualität des Films)


Jan Hanzlík – Kateřina Svatoňová
The Media Between Historical Research and Practical Applications (Media Art Histories Conference: RENEW)


Eliška Malečková
Student Report from a Conference
(Screen Industries in East-Central Europe III: Industrial Authorship)




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