Theme: Economic History of Cinema

Themed Articles

Douglas Gomery: 
Toward a New Media Economics

Janet Staiger: 
Announcing Wares, Winning Patrons, Voicing Ideals: Thinking about the History and Theory of Film Advertising

Laurent Creton:
Marketing and Strategies of Film Industry in Terms of Their Use in French Cinema

John Sedgwick – Michael Pokorný:
The Film Business in the United States and Britain during the 1930s

Pavel Skopal:
Old and New: A History of DVD as a History of Differentiation

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Jana Dudková:
The Truth of Symptoms: Characters in the Films of Stanislav Barabáš and Martin Hollý


Petr Szczepanik:
The Film History in Terms of Popularity. An Interview with John Sedgwick

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Luděk Janda:
Active Documentation Records the Life of Work. An Interview with Alain Depocas


Ivan Jakubec:
Economic Background of the Enterprise of Havel Brothers in 1930s


Miloš and Václav Havel, and the Firm Bratři Havlové Praha-Lucerna (documents)



Jan Uhde:

Czech Cinema in Exile


Ivan Klimeš:

Czech Filmmakers in Exile (Jiří Voráč: Český film v exilu: kapitoly z dějin po roce 1968)


Briana Čechová:

Andrej Tarkovsky's Imperatives (Andrej A. Tarkovskij: Krása je symbolem pravdy)




Anna Batistová:
The Beginnings of Widescreen Formats in the Czech Cinematography

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Jaromír Blažejovský:
The Spirituality in Film

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