Téma: Woody Vasulka and the Czech Art Tradition of Electronic Image


Lenka Dolanová – Woody Vasulka:

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Gerald O'Grady:
Woody Vasulka's Spherical Knowledge. From Pinhole Camera to Pinball Machine


John Minkowsky:
Some Notes on Vasulka Video, 1973–1974


Peter Weibel:
Masters of Codes


Maureen Turimová – Scott Nygren:
Reading Tools, Writing the Image


Yvonne Spielmann:
Video and Computer. The Aesthetics of Steina and Woody Vasulka


Vít Janeček:
And We Were Modernists. The Moravian and Czech Beginnings of Woody Vasulka


Lenka Dolanová:
What Were They Cooking There? Cooks, Their Kitchen and an Appetite for Fresh Video


Bohdana Kerbachová:
The Beginnings of Czech Video Art




Woody Vasulka – Charles Hagen:
A Syntax of Binary Images


Erkki Huhtamo:
An Interview with Woody Vasulka at His Santa Fe, NM Studio, 2 March 1998


Bohdana Kerbachová:
The First Meetings elated a Dreamery. An Interview with Petr Skala




Woody Vasulka:
Technocentric Determinism


Woody Vasulka:
Theater of Hybrid Automata


Woody Vasulka:
The Commission




Lenka Dolanová:
Aspects of Electronic Avant-Garde: Steina and Woody Vasulka

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