Theme: Archeology of Television


Themed Articles


William Uricchio:
Television as History: Representations of German Television Broadcasting, 1935–1944


William Boddy:
The Amateur, the Housewife, and the Salesroom Floor: Promoting Post-War US Television


Lucie Česálková:
The Television Teacher: "TVŠ": Television Broadcasting for Classrooms and the Home


Jan Svoboda:
Jan Kučera as a Television Theorist




Petra Hanáková:
"Gears Go Round, Rearings Roll, Pistons Push": Kinetics and Visuality of Modernity as the Attendants of Early Cinema




Tomáš Dvořák:
When a Classic Television was New. An Interview with William Boddy

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No Title. (The First TV Fiction, 1949)


We Are constructing a Theater for 100000 Viewers




Michal Pacvoň:
Television: A Phenomenological Analysis of Audiences' Space


Briana Čechová:
The French Poetic Realism According to an American Professor (Colin Crisp: Genre, Myth, and Convention in the French Cinema, 1929–1939)


Jakub Kučera:
Roger Odin's Theory of Habitable and Other Films (Roger Odin: De la fiction)




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