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Giovanna Fossati:
From Grains to Pixels: Digital Technology and the Film Archive


Alexander Horwath:
Museum versus Market


Anna Batistová:
The Poetry of Destruction: The Typology, Periodization and Reflections of the Destruction of Filmic Moving Images

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Petr Szczepanik:
The "Birth" of Cinema History: Coming of Film Sound and Media Inventing their Own Past


Barbara Klinger:
The Contemporary Cinephile: Film Collecting in the Post-Video Era


Pavel Skopal:
Old Movies, New Stories: Contextualization and Cultural Mediation of Hollywood Films on DVD


Natasha Drebek-Meyer  Nikolaj Izvolov:
Critical Edition of Films on Digital Formats




Luděk Janda:
Each New Generation of Media demands a New Resolution of their Preservation. An Interview with Jean-Michel Rodes


Pavel Skopal:
Global Hollywood and Home Theater. Methodological Challenges of Reception Studies. An Interview with Barbara Klinger

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Luděk Janda:
The French Inathèque


Petr Šafařík:
Quality Film Critics versus Czech Dream


Tomáš Dvořák:
What is the (Theory of) Photography? (Karel Císař /ed./: Co je to fotografie?)




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