Theme: Dubbing




Nataša Ďurovičová:
Local Ghosts: Dubbing Bodies in Early Sound Cinema

[full text (CZ)]


Pavel Skopal:
Around the World in 32 Languages: The Lion King and the Strategy of "Global Localization"


Ivan Žáček:
Czech Dubbing – a Case History: An Outline of the Crisis in the Dubbing Industry and an Attempt at a Diagnosis


Olga Walló:
Without Anyone Noticing




Jára Brož:
What to do with an Impenetrable Film?




Petr Mareš:
Theme: The Film's Thresholds (V. Innocenti – V. Re /eds./: Limina/le soglie del film. Film's Thresholds; Montage/av 2003, č. 2; T. Christen: Das Ende im Spielfilm. Vom klassischen Hollywood zu Antonionis offenen Formen)


Peter Michalovič:
The Essays at Visual Culture (Robert S. Nelson – Richard Shiff /eds./, Kritické pojmy dejín umenia)




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