Téma: Actor – Character – Star


Themed Articles


Margrit Tröhler – Henry M. Taylor:
Some Facets of the Human Figure in Fiction Film


Nicole Brenez:
The Letter to Tag Gallagher. Film in a Figural Standpoint


Jakub Kučera:
Bodies and Faces of/in Film. Notes on Theory and Practice of Spectator Identification and the Example of John Cassavetes


Bohumil Fořt:
The Possible Worlds and Their Inhabitants


Other Articles


Josef Moucha:
Filmmaker of Dreams: Jaroslav Rössler




Cassavetes on Cassavetes




Ivan Klimeš:
Film with Care of Censors


Excursion into the Practice of Censorship. From the Reports of Main Administration of Press Supervision 1958–1959




Petr Mareš:
The Study of Film Stars (Stephen Lowry – Helmut Korte: Der Filmstar)


Karel Thein:
On the Margin of the New Film History. Notes of the Amateur Reader (Petr Szczepanik /ed./, Nová filmová historie. Antologie současného myšlení o dějinách kinematografie a audiovizuální kultury)

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