Theme: Historiography and Film




Mária Ferenčuhová:

Historians and the Film, Filmmakers and History. Where Two Disciplines Meet and Overlap

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Zdeněk Hudec:

Aesthetic Historicism. Historical Knowledge of the Holocaust in the Film


Robert A. Rosenstone:

The Future of the Past. Film and the Beginnings of Postmodern History


Michèle Lagny:

History without the Past: Film and the Construction of Historical Time




Petr Szczepanik:

History, Film Historian, and Inventing of Captive Archives. An Interview with Michèle Lagny


Milan Klepikov:

The Beefsteak and Glasses or Positif on the Inside. An Interview with Petr Král




Tereza Dvořáková:

Treuhänder's Function in Protectorate Cinematography


The Laws and Obligations of Treuhänder




Mária Ferenčuhová – Peter Michalovič:

The Authoritative Regime of Narration (Some Notes on Rhetoric of Non-fiction Films)


Pavel Zeman:

New German Publications About Photographic Evidences of Nazi Crimes (C. Brink, Ikonen der Vernichtung; C. Brink, „Auschwitz in der Paulskirche"; H. Knoch, Die Tat als Bild; K. Hesse – P. Springer, Vor aller Augen)




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