Theme: Language versions and the Coming of Sound


Themed Articles


Ginette Vincendeau:

Hollywood Babel. The Coming of Sound and the Multiple-Language Versions


Martin Barnier:

The Treatment of the Export of Sound Film: the Multiple-Language Versions


Corinna Müller:

A Surfeit of Explicit Differences. A Problem of the Distribution of Foreign Sound Film


Ivan Klimeš:

Multiple-Language Versions of Czech Films and the Film Industry in Czechoslovakia in the 1930s

[full text (CZ)]


Petr Szczepanik:

Constructing International Space in Czech Multiple-Language Versions


Petr Mareš:

Languages, Actors and Audience C. a k. polní maršálek versus Der Falsche Feldmarschall


Natasha Drubek-Meyer:

Two Sounds of Music? Soviet and American Musicals in the 1930s




Petr Szczepanik  Pavel Skopal:

On behalf of Praxeology of the Marginal Forms.An Interview with Vinzenz Hediger

[full text (CZ)]




Giuseppe Dierna:

The Murder as a glamorous Art of Amour: Palebluebeard (1970) by Jan Švankmajer


Jan Švankmajer:

Palebluebeard (Technical Screenplay)


Ludvík Šváb:

L'autre chien (Screenplay)




Zdeněk Hudec:

Nigtmare on Blier Street About a Paradox and Architecture in the Film Buffet froid


Vít Janeček:

The Geometry as a Story




Petr Mareš:

A Survey of the Way from Silent Film to Sound Film (Corinna Müller: Vom Stummfilm zum Tonfilm)


Miloš Vojtěchovský:

The Cinematic Imagery of the Future (J. Shaw – P. Weibel /eds./: Future Cinema. The Cinematic Imaginery after Film)




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