Theme: Amateur Cinema and Home Cinema


Themed Articles


Roger Odin:

The Question of Amateur in the Treble Expanse of Taking and Propagation


Laurent Creton:

Economy and Markets of Amateur Film: the Dynamic of Progression


Patricia R. Zimmermannová:

Hollywood, Home Movies, and Common Sense. Aesthetic Control


Alexandra Schneider:

The Performance in Family Film. Some Remarks on Home Movies as Media Practice

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Jiří Horníček:

Family Film in the Hands of Amateur Filmmakers


Petra Trnková:

Amateur Photographers and Art Photography in the Context of Art and Art Historical Theory (1890–1914)




Tomáš Dvořák:

Album, Atlas, Archives. On Images and their Arrangements


Petra Hanáková:

Laura Mulvey's Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema in the Context of the Poststructuralist Method


Blahoslav Hruška:

New German Cinema as (De)construction of History




János Palotai:

"An Archeology" of Private Hungary. An Interview with Péter Forgács


Jiří Horníček – Petr Szczepanik:

The Stories and Emotions of Family Films. An Interview with Jan Šikl




Jiří Horníček:

The Gallery of Amateur Filmmakers


Memories of Antonín Skoták


Memories of Jan Sichler




Zdeněk Hudec:

Czech Dream: the Game as a Form of Political Unconsciousness


Vít Janeček:

GIGADIGA and Czech Dream – Effects, Symptoms, Signs




Tomáš Dvořák:

Video in the Net of Family Similarities (James M. Moran, There's No Place Like Home Video)


Jiří Horníček:

The Entries to History of Family and Amateur Cinematography (Film History – monotematické číslo o amatérském filmu)


Michal Pacvoň:

Convergency of Media or the Growth of Intimistic Space




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