Theme: Modernisation, City and Cinema


Themed Articles


Yvonne Zimmermann:

How to Deal with Industrial Films: Methodological Approach


Vinzenz Hediger:

Industrial Production as Media Practice. The Purport of Industrial Film takes by Example the Company Fried. Krupp, Essen

[full text (CZ)]


Thomas Elsaesser:

City Synergies: Promoting Planned Living and the Filmic Avant-garde of the 1920s in Germany


Jaroslav Anděl:

Cinematographic and Kinetic Themes in Czechoslovak Inter-war Architecture


Lucie Česálková:

Garden on the Glass Hill: Czech Modernity and the Hybrid Relationship with New Media


Zuzana Marhoulová:

František Kalivoda – Organiser of the Brno Avantgarde




Petr Szczepanik:

Among the Science, Mediae, and Art: An undercurrent History of Visual Culture. An Interview with Jaroslav Anděl




Ivan Klimeš:

Filmmakers and the Communist Power in Czechoslovakia.1959: Dramatic Year


Banská Bystrica 1959. The Documents in Context of 1th Festival of the Czechoslovak Film




Zdeněk Hudec:

Beauty Exchange


Vít Janeček:

A Circulation (Images, Objects, Bodies)




Petr Szczepanik:

Films at Work (Filme, die arbeiten. Internationale Tagung zum Industriefilm / Films at Work. International Industrial Film Workshop)


Briana Čechová:

Dziga Vertov – Factory of the Facts? (ohlédnutí za 23. ročníkem Le Giornate del cinema muto v Sacile 2004)




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