Theme: Screen Industries in East-Central Europe III: Industrial Authorship





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Francesco Pitassio
Italian Neorealism Goes East. Authorship, Realism, Socialism


Constantin Parvulescu
Opening Titles and Authorship in Romanian Socialist Film


Lucie Česálková
A School of Opportunism. Short Filmmakers Caught in a Web of Commissions and Dealings


Dana Mustata
Forging an Identity for Early Romanian Television


Editions and Materials


Lucie Česálková

"People Expect a Much Larger Tragedy".

The Fate of the Film Stock from the Annihilation of Lidice


Lidice. An Unfilmed Screenplay by František Sádek




Jaromír Blažejovský
The Big Story of the Crisis of Big Stories (Jan Svoboda, Proměny filmového vyprávění)

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Matěj Strnad
Elegant History (kolektiv autorů, Fünfzig Jahre Österreichisches Filmmuseum)


Radomír D. Kokeš
Film Narratology — Not a Textbook, Not a Theory, Not a Metatheory (Peter Verstraten, Film Narratology)


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Bohdana Kerbachová
Petr Skala's Experimental Films in NFA's Collections


Jiří Kutil
Ringler-Film (Jack Ringler, Arnoštka Ringlerová) 1935–1943 (1946)




Žofia Bosáková
Audiovisual Fund (AVF) and Slovak Documentary Film in the years 2010–2013

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Recent Acquisitions of the NFA Library