Theme: Archive and Digitalization




Themed Articles


Andrea Meneghelli
At Least We Have Saved the Cinema?
Reflections of a Film Archivist on Digital


Oliver Hanley – Adelheid Heftberger
Some Insider Thoughts on Digital Access to Film-Related Archival Collections


Franziska Heller
Why Film History?
Some Thoughts on How Processes of Digitization Shape Our Images of the Past


Peter Walsh
Emergent Digitial Videotheques and the Persistence of the Archive Impulse




Anna Batistová
Bridging the Gap Between Analog History of Film and Digital Technologies.

An Interview with Barbara Flueckiger

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Industry Voices


Tomáš Hrubý
Commercial Film on the Brink of Extinction




Jan Trnka
Selection of Audio-visual Materials in the Film Archive
of the Czechoslovak Film Institute, 1963–1993

Documents on the History of Acquisition and Disposition Policies of the Film Archive


Ad fontes


Petr Hasan
A School Film Board




Petr Szczepanik
New Directions in Film and TV Production Studies.
A Conference Report (Bristol, 14–15 April 2015)


Martin Charvát
Boundaries of Western Film Genre (Luboš Ptáček – Jan Švábenický (eds.), Proměny westernu. Pluralita žánrových, estetických a ideologických konceptů. Peter Michalovič – Vlastimil Zuska, Rozprava o westerne)




Magda Španihelová
Our (Beautiful and Healthy and Modern) National Body.
Visual Representation of the Body in Physical Culture and Sport in the Context of the Formation of National Identity in Interwar Czechoslovakia


Eric Rosenzveig
NARRA — Open and Non-linear Narrative


Matěj Strnad
Digital Restoration of Czech Film Heritage — Preliminary Report


Pavla Janásková
Resuscitation of Czech Film Periodicals and a Sure Bet in the Digital Era


Iwona Lyko
Czech and Polish Documentary in the Era of Europeanization




Recent Acquisitions of the NFA Library