Screen Industries in East-Central Europe: Industry of Prestige


Themed Articles




Michał Pabiś-Orzeszyna
Conflict Management: The Camerimage Festival and the Dialectics of Prestige


Pavel Skopal
Risk and Trust in State-Socialist Co-Production Practice. DEFA-Barrandov Collaborations of 1970s and 1980s


Łukasz Biskupski
The Appropriation of Prestige. Asta Nielsen's Star Persona in the Polish Territories of Russia before World War I




Radomír D. Kokeš

The Project of the Section "Analysis"


Radomír D. Kokeš
The Bourne Supremacy. An Action Film of Motion




Lucie Česálková
The Wild Days of Interactivity and the Charm of Beginnings. An Interview with William Uricchio

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Martin Šrajer
The May Revolution of 1945 through the Camera of Václav Kostelecký


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Jaroslav Štuller
The Central Union of Cinematographs in the Czechoslovak Republic (1920–1938)




Petr Mareš
Film Analysis – Tools and Examples (Radomír D. Kokeš, Rozbor filmu)


Petr Bednařík
All that We Still Do Not Know About the History of Czech Cinema (Pavel Skopal, Filmová kultura severního trojúhelníku. Filmy, kina a diváci českých zemí, NDR a Polska 1945–1970)




Petr Hasan
The Attitude of the Roman-Catholic Church Towards Film in the Czech Area from the Emergence of Cinema to the Year 1948


Tomáš Hála
Critical Edition of Selected Texts by Galina Kopaněva




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