The History of FAMU
(Guest Editors: Martin Franc a Andrea Slováková)


 Themed Articles


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Martin Franc

Year 1956 at FAMU from the Viewpoint of the AMU Archive

Petr Bednařík

Institutional Development of FAMU in the 60s

Lenka Krátká

Oral History Interviewing as an Integral Part of Compiling the History of AMU


Radomír D. Kokeš

Kristin Thompson and Forty Years of (Neoformalist) Analysis

Kristin Thompson

Harry Potter and the Twelve-Year Boyhood


Pavel Skopal

“We Were Influenced by the Czech New Wave and We Knew Švejk by Heart.”

An Interview with Piro Milkani



Jiří Šoukal

Television Education at FAMU in the First Half of the 1960s

On the Current State of Television Education at FAMU

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Jiří Kutil

Franc’s Cinema in Kolín (1908) 1910–1957 (1961)


Jan Bernard

“Being There, I’d Be Happy as a Puppy.“ Václav Havel’s Application to FAMU

Anna Batistová

For the Antique Enthusiasts 2 (Leo Enticknap, Film Restoration. The Culture and Science of Audiovisual Heritage)

Jeanne Pomeau

Restoration of Toned and Tinted Films at the National Film Archive

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Mirka Papežová

Student Report from a Conference (SIECE V, Bratislava, 20.–21. 11. 2015)


Eva Pjajčíková

Conditions of Authorship in CT Series Production and their Impact on Genre, Narrative and Stylistic Qualities of the Series after 2012

Jaroslav Kratochvíl

Image of Germans in the Czechoslovak Documentary Film (1945–1968)


Recent Acquisitions of the NFA Library