Theme: Conteporary Czech TV Serials and Series




Mikołaj Kunicki

A Church-State Conflict. Jerzy Kawalerowicz's MOTHER JOAN OF THE ANGELS and Cinematic Projections of Catholicism in Władysław Gomułka's Poland


Themed Articles




Jakub Třešňák
CIRCUS BUKOWSKY as a Reflection of Organizational Changes in Czech Television


Michal Šašek
The Postponed Resuscitation of the Production of Children Series. Analysis of the Establishment and Operation of „Déčko" — the Specialized Public Service TV Channel
for Children — in Terms of Development of the Live-action Series Production


Lucie Králová
"Head and Stomach". The Masterclass Format as a Basis for the Exploration of Conceptions of Documentary Filmmaking in the System of Public Service Broadcasting: Current Trends in Documentary Filmmaking in Europe as Practiced
by the Public Service Broadcasting in Denmark, Sweden and Czech Republic




Radomír D. Kokeš
MODRÉ STÍNY a Restrained Detective Story.
Emphasizing, Repression and Traditions of Crime Fiction


Film Industry Voices


Petr Szczepanik
We Needed to Create a Machine in which the Authors Could Grow.
An Interview with Radek Bajgar




Jan Černík
Teaching Screenwriting and the Emergence of Screenwriting Studies.
An Interview with Ian W. Macdonald


Ad fontes


Jiří Kutil
Film Technical Board (1946–1965)


Jiří Novotný
Political Taboos of Czech Documentary Film.
Film Censorship Board in the years 1928–1939




Martin Mišúr
Analytically Uncertain and Widely Accessible.
Film Propaganda Presented by Richard Taylor




New Acquisitions of the NFA Library



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