Pavel Skopal (Masaryk University)

Tramps Wandering the “New Europe”.

The Reich’s Film Politics  and the Export Capacity of the Protectorate’s Cinema

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Tereza Czesany Dvořáková (Charles University)

The Reich, the Europe, the Protectorate, and the Cinema.

Prag-Film during Crystallization and Realization of Nazi Film Expansion

[abstract / EN]


Roel Vande Winkel (KU Leuven, LUCA School of Arts)

German Film Stars as Cultural Agents  in Occupied Belgium (1940–1944)

[abstract / EN]


David Frey (United States Military Academy, West Point)

‘Which Path to Christian Nationalism?

Wartime Hungarian Cinema  in New Order Europe’

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Pavel Skopal

Occupation as an European Experience.

An Interview with Tatjana Tönsmeyer


Industry Voices

Eva Pjajčíková – Marek Loskot

Balance between Creative Risk, Originality

and Financial Return. An Interview with Christian Routh




Pavel Skopal

Vision of the Reich Film Industry


Ad fontes


Luboš Marek

Ponrepo Viktor 1860–1926 (1931)


Alena Šlingerová

Compilation War Documentary Neznámý vojín mluví (1934)




Petr Mareš

The Beginning of the Film as a Challenge for Analysis

(Annette Insdorf, Cinematic Overtures: How to Read Opening Scenes)


Martin Kos

Theory of the Narrative Bang

(David Bordwell, Reinventing Hollywood: How 1940s Filmmakers Changed Movie Storytelling)


Pavel Bednařík

Film Criticism as a Mission

(Tomáš Hála (ed.), Galina Kopaněva. Spatřit a napsat. Filmové kritiky, statě a rozhovory)


Matěj Forejt

Art Save the Screen

(ScreenSaverGallery: Nelidské umění)




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