Theme: Laterna magika among media, styles and formats




Jan Bernard

Havel and Hýbek. Two Prisoners, Two Friends and Two Films

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Themed Articles


Jan Trnka

Experiments with a Lore. Alternative Screenwriting of Laterna Magika

Magda Španihelová

Between Dominance and Absence. Dance (with the Media) in Laterna Magika

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Jan Černíček

Music History of Laterna Magika

Industry Voices

Jan Trnka

Humanization of Technology. An Interview with Vladimír Soukenka

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Ad fontes

Jiří Kutil

Quido Emil Kujal


Petr Mareš

Film Adaptations “Behind the Iron Curtain”

(Petr Bubeníček, Subversive Adaptations: Czech Literature on Screen Behind the Iron Curtain)

Ondřej Pavlík

The Threads of Film Criticism (Huw Walmsley-Evans, Film Criticism as a Cultural Institution)

Pavel Bednařík

Close Encounters. Václav Havel and Cinema
(Jan Bernard (ed.), Václav Havel a film)


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