Petr Mareš (Charles University)

Decline of Quality and Prestige?

Czech Film Reviews in the Digital Era

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Johana Kotišová (Masaryk University)

Devastating Dreamjobs. Ambivalence, Emotions, and Creative Labor
in a Post-socialist Audiovisual Industry

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Sara Pinheiro (The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague)

The Sound of Saute ma ville

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Victoria Shmidt (The University of Graz)

When National Female Bildungsroman Meets Global Fantasies about Nazis. Historical Roots and Current Troubles in Lída Baarová

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Tereza Hadravová – Andrea Slováková

Spectatorship as World Creation.
An Interview with Timothy Corrigan

Industry Voices

Adéla Kudlová

To Make Courageous Decisions.

An Interview with Dušan Barok


Jaroslav Lopour

“So Far, We Are Poor Bastards, and It’s Hard to Be Ok with It!”

Memories of the Beginnings of Czech Film Production until 1914

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Kristýna Doležalová

Vlasta Fabianová (1912–1991)


Tamas Beregi

The Little Czech Who Dreamed about Pixels
(Jaroslav Švelch, Gaming the Iron Curtain)

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Ivan David

Film Archive and Copyright: A Study of One Relationship
(Claudy Op den Kamp, The Greatest Films Never Seen)


New Acquisitions of the NFA Library



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