Radomír D. Kokeš (Masaryk University)

Czech Cinema as a Regional Poetics. Questions of Continuity and the Beginnings
of Studio Production

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Barbora Podškubková – Pavel Skopal (Masaryk University)

Club Members for Themselves. Film Club Functionaries in Uherský Brod, 1976–1989

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Ondřej Bezucha (Charles University)

Object Specific Cinema. Stylistic Elements of Videomapping in the Work of the Macula Group

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Michal Böhm (The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague)

Didactics of Composition and Order. Development of Teaching Editing Theory at FAMU

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Studies on Documents

Ivan Klimeš (Charles University / National Film Archive in Prague)

Under the Protection of the Film Industry. Total Military Deployment in Culture
and Cinematography During the Protectorate


Ivan Klimeš

Total Military Deployment in Czech Cinema 1944


Jana Čížkovská

Czechoslovak Television for Foreign Viewers and Readers
(Martin Štoll: Television and Totalitarianism in Czechoslovakia. From the First Democratic Republic to the Fall of Communism)

Jakub Ferenc

Parikk’s Green Turn in Media Theory: Meritorious Intention, Problematic Philosophy

(Jussi Parikka: Geologie médií)

Taida Kusturica

“Bodies in Transition”: Towards Eastern European and Russian Corporeality in Film

(E. Mazierska, M. Mroz, and E. Ostrowska (eds.): The Cinematic Bodies of Eastern Europe
and Russia: Between Pain and Pleasure

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