Theme: Thinking Animation Beyond Genre and Media Limits



Themed Articles

Lukáš Skupa (National Film Archive in Prague)

Which Will Be the Right One? The Beginnings of Fairytale Genre in Czech Animated Film after 1948

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Lucie Česálková (National Museum)

Goods Above All. Czechoslovak Animation and Advertising in the Early 1960s

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Marie Barešová (National Film Archive in Prague)

Vukotić and the Others. Yugoslav Animation in Czechoslovak

Cinema Distribution in the Circumstances of Bilateral Relations

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Veronika Hanáková (Charles University)

The Plasmaticity of Digital Surface. CGI (Sur)Realism in Jon Rafman’s

Dream Journal

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Maria Panova (Paisii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv)

Andrey Khrzhanovsky’s A Cat and a Half (2002) as a Palimpsest

Beyond Conventions

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Kamila Boháčková – Michaela Režová

The Animated Documentary is Still for a Small Group of Viewers.

An Interview with Annabelle Honess Roe

Industry Voices

Matěj Forejt

Painted Animation between the Author’s Work and the Film Industry.
An Interview with Lucie Sunková

Ad fontes

Marie Barešová – Eva Strusková

Something New Came up with Each Film.
History of Czech Animated Film in the Collection of Sound Recordings
of the National Film Archive


Benoît Turquety

“Not Corrected or Otherwise Manipulated”: Digitizing the Films

of Jan Kříženecký

(Jiří Anger (ed.), Filmy Jana Kříženeckého / The Films of Jan Kříženecký)

Tereza Czesany Dvořáková

Facts from a Steel Cabinet. History of Austrian Cinemas

during the German Occupation

(Klaus Christian Vögl, Angeschlossen und gleichgeschaltet. Kino in Österreich 1938–1945)

Matěj Forejt

From the Family Chronicle of a Custom Filmmaker
(Herma Kennel, Als die Comics laufen lernten — Der Trickfilmpionier Wolfgang
Kaskeline zwischen Werbekunst und Propaganda).

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