Julie Münter Lassen (Aarhus University)

Jannick Kirk Sørensen (Aalborg University)

Curation of a Personalized Video on Demand Service.

A Longitudinal Study of the Danish Public Service Broadcaster DR

[abstract / EN]

Petar Mitrić 
(Charles University Prague / University of Copenhagen)

Tamara Kolarić (Bard College Berlin)

A Popular Post-Yugoslav Cinema: Does it Exist and Why (Not)?

[abstract / EN]

Petr Mareš
(Charles University Prague)

In Poland, That Is To Say Nowhere. Ubu roi in the Czech and Polish Film Versions

[abstract / EN]

Miroslava Papežová
(Charles University Prague)

Ladislav Rychman: The Transmedia Way to The Hop-Pickers

[abstract / EN]

Martin Zelený
Michal Straka (Prague University of Economics and Business)

Czech Amateur and Semi-professional Music Audiovisual Production at the Beginning of the 21st Century

[abstract / EN]


Ondřej Belica

Cinema as a Problem: Inventions and Innovations in the History of Cinema
(Benoît Turquety, Inventing Cinema: Machines, Gestures and Media History)

Sara Pinheiro

Revisiting the Canon of Sound Theory
(Michel Chion, Audio-Vision: Sound on Screen)

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