Iveta Jansová (Masaryk University)

User Creativity in the Digital Age: from Produserism to Fan Art

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Martin Charvát (Metropolitan University Prague)

– Vít Gvoždiak (Charles University)

Computer Games Modding: Between Community Praxis and Mainstream Game Industry

[abstract / EN]

Adéla Gjuričová (Czech Academy of Sciences)

History Reloaded: The Communist Past in Digital Space

[full text / EN] [abstract / EN]

Anna Bílá (Palacký University Olomouc)

(A)historical Fandom of Jane Austen: From High Culture to Popular Culture and Back

[abstract / EN]

Lucia Kajánková (Academy of Performing Arts)

Adaptation as Fan Fiction Practice in Serialized Narratives

[abstract / EN]


Eszter M Polónyi

Hackers and Coders versus Viewers: The Stakes of Photography in an Era of Image Massification

(Tomáš Dvořák – Jussi Parikka, eds., Photography Off the Scale: Technologies and Theories
of the Mass Image

Miroslava Papežová

The Boundless Expansiveness of Transmediality

(Carol Vernallis – Holly Rogers – Lisa Perrott, eds., Transmedia Directors: Artistry, Industry
and New Audiovisual Aesthetics)


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