Ondřej Pavlík (Masaryk University)

Beyond Professional and Fan Criticism: Affinitive Rhetoric of Czech Video Reviews of Films on YouTube

[abstract / EN]

Perrine Val (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne / ViCTOR-E)

From Moving Images to Archival Films: Contemporary Uses of Non-fiction Cinema in the Promotion of Rebuilt Cities

[abstract / EN]

Alena Šlingerová (National Film Archive in Prague)

How Industry Has Employed Czech Cinema. An Example of Interwar Filmography by the Škoda Group

[abstract / EN]



Sara Pinheiro

The Audiovisual Musique Concrète: Towards the Integrated Soundtrack

(Danijela Kulezić-Wilson, Sound Design is the New Score: Theory, Aesthetics, and Erotics of the Integrated Soundtrack)

Benjamin Slavík

Material Events of Thinking

(Dieter Mersch, Epistemologie estetična)

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