Theme: Computer Games as Expressive Medium

(Guest Editor: Jaroslav Švelch)





Markéta Štechová:

Mythology of Exceptionality as a Production Ideology of the Television Serial Proč bychom se netopili


Theme Articles



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Jaroslav Švelch:

The Game Is the Message. Theoretical and Methodological Approaches to Digital Games as an Expressive Medium

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Vít Šisler:

Digital Games in the Middle East: Procedural Rhetoric and Its Role in the Construction of Muslim Identity

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Jan Miškov:

A Genealogy of Interactive Text: The Remediation of Literature, Theater and Film in Heavy Rain




Jaroslav Švelch:

Blind Spots on the Map of Game Design. Interview with Jakub Dvorský and Jaroslav Kolář


 Jana Rogoff:

 On the Findings in the NFA, Mikhail Tsekhanovsky, and Film Excavation. Interview with Nikolai Izvolov and Sergei Kapterev

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Jaroslav Švelch:

Manifestos of Independent Game Developers


Jason Rohrer:

The Game Design as Art

Auriea Harvey a Michaël Samyn:

Over Games

Ad Fontes


Jarmila Hurtová:

Continental-Film (1937–1946)

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Petr Szczepanik:

Screenwriter’s History of Normalization (Štěpán Hulík, Kinematografie zapomnění. Počátky normalizace ve Filmovém studiu Barrandov (1968–1973))

Horizon – Discussions and Polemics


Zdeněk Holý:

Film and Neuroaesthetics – Polemics over the Concept of Iluminace 4/2011


Tereza Hadravová:

Enthusiasm Doesn't Fit for the Defense of Neuroeasthetics – Answer to Zdeňek Holý




Marek Jícha:

A Project of the National Movie Theater, and New Cinematographic Terminology




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